Do you dream of having beautiful photos of your newborn without the time, expense or frustration of hiring a professional?

Learn our effortless Do-It-Yourself newborn photography approach for less than the cost of a box of diapers.

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You don't have to have professional lighting equipment, a studio full of props or professional photography training to take beautiful photos of your baby.

You can create beautiful photos with  your camera or smartphone with a little bit of knowledge and a simple guide to follow.

Because there’s a secret no professional newborn photographer wants you to know...


Taking your own photos of your baby doesn’t have to be that hard.

It can be an enjoyable experience  and armed with the knowledge of how to create these photos you can replicate it again and again.

I'll teach you how to create these photos while also keeping your baby safe.

Because risking your baby's safety for a photo is the last thing anyone wants to do.


DIY Newborn Photography 

{Made Easy}

The complete online roadmap that teaches new moms how to create consistent, beautiful images of their new baby for less than the cost of a box of diapers. 

(even if you don’t have a fancy camera or any specialty props)

This is NOT a "learn how to be a professional newborn photographer" course.

It’s a behind the curtain view of HOW professionals get beautiful images to give you the tools and skills you need to take your own beautiful photos of your baby, in the comfort of your own home and without any specialty items. With bite sized lessons to creating professional WORTHY images of your very own.
I Need This!

Can you relate?

  • You love the clean look of  photos that focus on the tiny details of a newborn

    From stunning eyelashes to teeny toes, from curling pinkies to the smallest of ears, you want to be able to capture everything about them.
  • You have a million cute Pinterest-worthy projects to fill with photos.

    Once you learn a few of the magic tricks that newborn photographers use all the time, you’ll be able to create amazing quality photos of your newborn every week. And many of these techniques can be applied to capture fantastic shots as your baby grows out of the newborn stage too.
  • You’re a creative at heart

    You enjoy having photos of people you love and care about - can you imagine the pride you will feel when you can create the photos that you love to enjoy?

  • You'd love to take photos that capture the feeling of those studio quality baby photos that are all wrapped and snuggled but you don't feel confident you could do it safely.

    You’ve seen the kinds of photos that new moms share on Facebook. Sometimes it's an amazing sleepy image of their newborn, but you’ve seen more than your fair share of Pinterest fails! And you know better than to try and pose your newborn in a sling hanging from the ceiling, or even propped up on the bed.

  • You want to be able to share and display baby photos with pride

    Of course you could just take snaps of your baby and share them on Facebook, but you also want the option to print your photos and know that they are display worthy or gift amazing images to grandparents and family who might not get to visit when your baby is still teeny tiny.

Don't miss the small and snugly window due to a lack of planning.

If you're thinking about doing your own photos, maybe it's because you want the knowledge so you can use it again and again

Maybe it's because you're budget conscious and the idea of spending $2,000 on a one-time newborn session is not realistic.

Maybe it's because of Covid.

But if you don't plan at least a little bit ahead, you're going to miss that magical window to take sleepy newborn photos.

 Professional Secret: Snugly newborn photos are most often taken when babies are 21 days or younger. 

"I was really impressed and pleased with this course! Most every question I've ever had concerning newborn photography was answered [through this diy program]. I am so grateful to Paige for this opportunity because Covid put a damper on our professional newborn photoshoot and I thought we were going to be totally without nice newborn photos of our second born!"

Mom of 2 beautiful baby girls

4 Big Myths about Taking Your own Newborn Photos

 Myth #1 - You have all the time in the world once your baby is here

The truth is you have less than 4 weeks to get those newborn photos done and in reality, the earlier the better.

You can take amazing photos of your newborn if you plan in advance. Before your baby is born. So that you know what to expect and you don't get overwhelmed.

Give yourself the grace of having a plan before.


Myth #2 - Specialty props are required for good results

Simple is better. Find just 2-3 items to include in your photos, the more sentimental the better.

It might surprise you to find out that you probably have everything you need in your house already, no specialty props or equipment required.

Myth #3 - Only a studio can give studio-quality light

Light is simpler than it seems. If you have a window in your house, you have pockets of beautiful light you can put your baby in. 

Learn how to use light that you already have access to.


Myth #4 - It won't look like a finished product

One of the easiest ways to spot a DIY photo is its lack of editing and cohesion. 

Luckily, these are all simple things I can teach you how to do to your favorite photos, with a few tools and techniques within an editing app.


Are you ready to learn how to create your own display worthy newborn photos?


If you’ve reached this stage, you ALREADY know there are some tricks newborn photographers have up their sleeves that make taking studio photos much easier than they let on.

Once I’ve pulled the curtain back so you can see how professionals work, and you follow the EASY 5 POSE WORKFLOW I’m about to share with you, you’ll also learn to:


Plan like a Pro

Ease the fear of whether your photos will look professional, by making a solid plan (including a practice run even before you’ve packed your hospital bag)

Choose Images

Pin all those amazing baby book and announcement projects, knowing you’ll have dozens of amazing shots to pick from when you’re ready to create them

Order Images

Plan and select how to order professional-quality images so you can move them from your computer to your walls with ease

YES, you can absolutely feel confident about the newborn photos you’ll take...

      . . .  but it DOES depend on following a framework that sets you up for success.

One that has been whittled down and finessed over hundreds of newborn shoots and been stress-tested by new moms deep in the brain-fog of those early days.

And . . .

One that you’ll excitedly look back on when you’re finally climbing out from that sleep-deprived zone yourself, holding a perky baby who is excited to learn about the world, and who loves to be held in your arms as you show them the beautiful images you created and hung above their crib.

"Figuring out the lighting was the hardest part for me, but Paige leads you through exactly how to find it in your house which makes all the difference in the world for good images. The best part though is that you can continue to use these tricks as they grow, so regardless of what else is happening in the world you can take great pictures of your kid."

first time dad

"I loved Paige's valuable tips! The videos allowed me to realize the process of taking these photos doesn't have to be super in-depth in the moment, once I knew what to do. I took an amazing shot of my newborn on the hospital bed because Paige had shown me what lighting I needed and I could see he was set up perfectly. The videos are a great length and provide just the right of information without being too technical"

Mom to 2 little miracles

If you’re still with me, then I couldn’t be more excited to introduce to you my signature newborn photography course for moms . . . .

DIY Newborn Photography
{ Made Easy! }

The complete online roadmap that teaches new moms how to create consistent, beautiful images of their new baby (even if you don’t have a fancy camera or any specialty props)
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The first course that gives you a full framework to take safe, studio-quality photos of your newborn at home, whether you’re a hobbyist photographer with your iPhone or dream of setting up a studio of your own one day.

This course is designed specifically with new moms in mind to ensure they can safely and easily understand all the tricks and poses needed to create fantastic professional looking photos of their newborn. And if you happen to be an aspiring photographer, you can walk away with solid tricks of the trade.

DIY Newborn Photography {Made Easy} will have your friends asking you how much you paid for such stunning quality photos and you can snicker to yourself that YOU took them.


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What's Included:

1) Setting Up Your In Home ‘Studio’

Preparation is key, and while you’re excitedly nesting and preparing for your little bundle of joy to enter the world you can harness all that enthusiasm and energy and put it to good use by planning out where and how you will take the photos once baby is here.

Here’s how I’ll get you there:

  • I'll teach you step by step to setup your studio using items from around the house
  • I'll show you what equipment you need and what you don't need, so you can avoid purchasing unnecessary items
  • I'll guide you to find the perfect spot in your house with ideal lighting (every house has one!)


2) Camera and Camera phone settings

I’ll walk you through the ideal settings for smart phones and DSLRs to ensure the light looks pretty, the eyelashes are in focus and every bit of your baby is shown beautifully.

You'll have confidence in knowing what your camera is going to do and where the light looks good so that you can create beautiful photos, even if you're in a postpartum haze. 

Here’s how I’ll get you there:

  • I’ll lead you through the exact settings used by professional newborn photographers when they’re in the studio or at a client’s home
  • I’ll explain how to get as close to ‘big camera’ settings as possible on your cell phone, so no one need know you snapped that beautiful nursery image 
  • I’ll show you how to handle the light available in any given situation

3) Preparing and Styling Your Photos

If you’re a Pinterest fan, then this is the one you’ve been waiting for! 

This module will help you focus on your desired end result and help you work backward so you know what you need (and what is cute, but ultimately a waste of time.)

Here’s how I’ll get you there:

  • Detailed checklists to use both while planning your session and during it, so you never forget a pose or little detail you might need for your gallery of images
  • A pre-planning guide to keep you on track as you work toward your end goal
  • How to layout your session color scheme 
  • Suggested accessories and items you should gather (or shop for) in advance
  • A dummy set up of your entire session in advance of baby even being born


4) The 5 Pose Easy Workflow

This is it - the workflow that is going to take you from a snuggly newborn to the most beautiful images of your little one to cherish forever.

You need a roadmap to the best and safest positions for your new baby which also allows you to capture tons of variety and all the little details you’d love for your gallery, baby book and other projects. 

Quick transitions will reduce the time in the studio settling your baby, allowing you to focus on taking great shots. 

The workflow allows you to pick up and put down mid flow, so if your baby gets fussy you can try again another day, but the bonus of smooth transitions means you’re far less likely to need this option.

Here’s how I’ll get you there:

  • A detailed, precise shot list so you miss none of the images you desire
  • In-depth instructions on how to wrap your baby like the professionals
  • A breakdown of each pose and how to perfect it and hundreds of variations, so no 2 images you create need to look the same


5) Beginner's Guide to Editing Your Photos

Once you have those images on your camera, the hard work is done, but don’t forget that you still need to make them shine and get them out into the world!

The idea of editing your images might sound overwhelming, but there are some simple edits you can do within processing apps that will turn your photos from Facebook snaps to nursery wall-worthy galleries.

Here’s how I’ll get you there:

  • Step by Step instructions on how to import your images from your camera to your computer
  • Details on how to cull your images and select the best to use in all your projects
  • A start-to-finish process to edit in Adobe Lightroom
  • My favorite products and consumer print labs so your favorite images can come to live in beautiful printed form
  • Nursery decor ideas using your images to showcase them to the world
  • My top 5 fave ways to display your images


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Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

DIY Newborn Photography {Made Easy} 

  • Setting Up Your "Studio"
  • Camera and Phone Settings
  • Preparing and Styling Your Photos
  • The 5 Pose Easy Workflow
  • The Beginner's Guide to Editing

Total Value: $682

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

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 The Glean & Co Guarantee

I’ve been using these techniques for the last 3 years and I’ve watched them work with fussy babies and sleep-deprived moms alike.

I’m so confident, in fact, that if you don’t have stunning photos of your baby by the time they are over 6 weeks old, I’ll refund ALL your money.

Simply email [email protected] with examples from at least 2 photoshoots you tried with your newborn and any editing attempts you made, and we’ll have the money back in your bank account before you know it.

And if some other issue has arisen that meant you couldn’t take photos, just email [email protected] with a brief explanation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What our most successful students asked before joining DIY Newborn Photography {Made Easy}

Absolutely! There is absolutely nothing in the 5 Pose Easy Workflow that you can't also accomplish using just your phone camera. I’ll provide information on settings for DSLR cameras, but I also provide everything you need if you are planning to use a smartphone. I think you'll find that the editing part of the course will help you elevate your images, no matter what camera you use! 

This is the question I most often receive from clients when I do photoshoots in their homes. I reassure them that there’s no need to hide the unwashed bottles and mass of laundry from me! As a mom of 3 boys, I vividly remember the chaos that was the newborn stage and the panic that anyone would see it. 

I designed this course specifically so that the photos can be taken anywhere - your garage, outside on your porch, in a tiny free corner of your living room or nursery. If you can give yourself 5 minutes to clear a space the size of a crib mattress, you can do this - no one needs to know about the pile of dirty clothes behind you as you take the shots!  I would suggest that you document the mess the photos were taken in, though - sometimes it’s nice to look back on that part of the story too!

Sure, many have expensive training qualifications. We work hard to learn how to ensure your baby isn’t harmed during a photoshoot. But many family photographers who agree to take newborn photos don’t have that kind of training, which means many parents are risking their baby’s safety every day.

Professional photographers who specialize in newborns learn how to safely achieve poses that are more intensive, and need many hours of training (and at times extensive photoshop skills!) to accomplish.

 The  poses I teach in the Easy 5 Pose Workflow are all completely safe for your baby and don’t need any specialist training. I explain how to lay baby down and how to transition from one pose to the next in a way that minimizes the need for you to disturb your sleeping babe!


It’s easy to go wild and buy so many accessories to pose newborns. I know that feeling - you should see my studio! But that's absolutely not required.

You can do this entire course without buying anything special, using just the items you already own and have around the house.

However, you may want to buy some special items, and I hear you on that! I’ll help you plan your images in advance, so that you limit yourself to buying just a few key pieces.

I also provide a preferred vendor list with some exclusive discount codes for course takers so you can snag that special sleepy hat or beautiful headband.

This course really focuses on taking photos of just your new baby, capturing all the tiny details before they're gone too soon.

I do have two bonus trainings included in this bundle called Sibling Love and Bonding with Baby, that show you how to take photos of your newborn with another family member. You can get all the photos of Dad or any siblings with the baby, and then hand the camera off for someone else to take photos of you and your precious new one!

I get it, it’s scary to think you’ll be responsible for taking the kinds of images professional photographers get paid hundreds or thousands of dollars to create. But I’ve run several non-professionals through this workflow and they’ve all created beautiful high-quality images. If  you prepare by watching the course before baby comes, have a plan for where you will take photos and what props you will need, and follow the workflow, great images will come! 

 And if you’ve tried it several times and it just isn’t working for you, let me know and I’ll refund the cost of the program. I know that doing the prep and following the workflow will lead to quality images - results you can replicate time and time again while your newborn is just days and weeks old - so you have a collection of amazing studio-quality images, not just 5 or 6 that you had to pick from the professional’s selection. Instead of one announcement photo and something for the wall, you can create a rotating gallery of shots for the nursery, and personalize photos for your extended family. 

Right away! Babies literally grow and change overnight, so I’d recommend taking photos as early as possible to capture all those tiny details that fade away so fast.

That being said, there's no bad time to take your baby's photos- they will never be this little ever again! 

Not really! But the light in your home may dictate the best time of day for photos, so keep an eye on when you're getting that soft indirect light. 

Also, pay attention to their cues - if they’re not settling, putting their hands in front of their face, or screaming bloody murder, don't force it. If you’re getting frustrated trying to take perfect baby photos, give both you and baby a break and try again tomorrow.

In general babies settle best in mid-morning and have a witching hour at night. I never schedule professional sessions after 4pm.

Yes! The biggest difference is that your baby may be harder to wrap in the way taught in this course and/or may not like to be wrapped at all. That’s ok, you can still get some great shots using the principles of this course.

Instead of wrapped photos, pick a super cute outfit or let baby be naked with the wrap loosely draped around their lower half.

One baby girl I photographed specifically for the course was 6 weeks old and hated being wrapped! As soon as she was free she was content for some fantastic wide awake shots. She wiggled happily until she fell asleep and we were able to get some great shots of her sleeping as well.

The biggest trick to older babies is simply being patient.

While this course is geared toward newborns, the fundamentals are the same whether your baby is 8 days old, 8 weeks old, 8 months old or even 8 years old. If you can get your baby to lay flat on their back you can use the principles of this course to take fantastic photos.

Preferably while you’re still pregnant so you have time to watch the videos (approximately 2.5 hours of total run time broken up into small bites), gather all your supplies and find the perfect spot to set up shop.

If you've already had your baby though, no worries! You can pretty quickly watch the first half of the videos explaining the equipment, camera settings and workflow and then come back later to watch the editing and post production videos. (May I suggest watching with headphones while you're up nursing in the middle of the night!) 

The only absolutely essential item is a camera - and it can be a camera phone or a fancy DSLR, we have instructions and guides for both.

Other helpful equipment: crib mattress, boppy pillow, stretch jersey fabric or sheet, 3-4 fleece blankets or throws, a swaddle blanket and a stretchy scarf or 1/3 yard of stretch fabric for a wrap. Anything you don’t have we offer alternative solutions to within the course!

(Want to buy something special? Newborn prop vendors are not created equal so we have provided our absolute favorite go to shops for all things headbands, wraps, bonnets, backgrounds and more. Plus exclusive discount codes for course takers!) 

We have heard from numerous students that one of the hardest parts is not the taking photos - as they had expected- but finding the time to set everything up. We highly recommend setting up in advance and then leaving it there ready to go.

The beauty of this ‘studio’ is it can be left in place so it’s easy to pop baby in for a shot of two and do a session over the course of several weeks - or knock it all out in an hour and a half.

Still Undecided?

You’re ready to take fantastic display-worthy photos of your newborn if . . . .

  1. You have a million amazing creative projects pinned to your baby board on Pinterest, and you can’t wait to have beautiful images of your own baby.
  2. You're excited to showcase your growing family to your loved ones, and you know that grandparents, aunts and siblings will love having photos to show off the newest addition to the family.
  3. You’re a creative at heart and already love to take pictures of your loved ones. Whether you use a smartphone or a ‘big camera’, you can’t help but see the great shots in your mind everywhere you look.
  4. You already have a good idea of what the nursery will look like, and you can’t wait to fill the walls with amazing images of your little one. You see the nursery as a physical outpouring of the love you feel for this baby you’re creating inside, and you want them to feel that love as they fall asleep cocooned by all that is family. 
  5. You’ve heard about that brain-fog new moms get when they’re surviving on very little sleep and you’re worried that your current enthusiasm to take your own photos might have waned by the time the baby is here


If you nodded your head to at least 1 of these, then I CANNOT wait to see you in DIY Newborn Photography {Made Easy}

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

DIY Newborn Photography {Made Easy} 

  • Setting Up Your "Studio"
  • Camera and Phone Settings
  • Preparing and Styling Your Photos
  • The 5 Pose Easy Workflow
  • The Beginner's Guide to Editing

Total Value: $682

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

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DIY Newborn Photography
{ Made Easy! }

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